We treat all ages and help find the root cause of illness at Wholistic Health. 


Wholistic Health treats the whole person not just the symptoms. We address your mind, body, and spirit. Wholistic Health listens and collaborates to create personalized treatment plans that focus on the individual's needs. Wholistic Health is a Nurse Practitioner led holistic/functional medical clinic that treats the root cause of your health issues.


Wholistic Health combines time-honored treatments that have shown results throughout the centuries with the latest scientific and evidence-based medicine. By integrating current research with traditional wisdom, we provide a versatile approach to optimizing your health and wellbeing.

Wholistic Health looks at genetic and lifestyle factors to find the best way to treat the root cause of your persistent problems utilizing nutrition, exercise, stress management, IV fluids, and supplements.




$100 per visit

*Labs and Medications are not included in this fee

*No Immunizations are available at this time.

*Insurance is not accepted but you may submit claims to your insurance company to help pay down deductible and co-insurance. 

Susan Gillispie, NP