Wellness Program

Do you want a more personalized approach to Health Care? Do you want to create lifelong health with Preventative Care Programs designed especially for YOU?  With a Wellness Program, you get:

  • ​Personal Consultations to review medical history, social history and health conditions. Our Nurse Practitioner will sit with you for at least an hour to understand your specific conditions and health goals.  

  • Ongoing Wellness Care:  Additional visits with your provider can help make adjustments to any of your treatment plans and answer any questions that may arise.  Your provider is more accessible to you and has more time to devote to you and your wellness than an average "doctor's" visit.  We take the time to help you refine your lifestyle choices, your nutrition and help you understand supplements and real wellness choices.

  • Chronic Condition Care:  If you have a chronic condition (conditions that last one year or more and require ongoing attention or limit the activities of daily living such as hypertension and diabetes), our Wellness Program enables you to receive more personalized, ongoing treatment or medication adjustments (instead of just seeing your provider a few times per year).  Your doctor has more time allotted to your care and progress.

  • Preventative Care Planning:  receive a more-personalized wellness plan that includes diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise and medications to address disease risks and to limit the risk in the future.

  • Holistic Health Care:  For a holistic approach, your provider will take into consideration your lifestyle, diet, exercise, family history and social history and work with you to achieve your best health.

Image by National Cancer Institute



One Time Consultation Fee:  $100

Wellness Fees for ongoing Wellness Program*:

  • $150/Month for Individual

  • $250/Month for Couples

  • $350/Month for Couples with two children

*Monthly Fee includes up to 4 visits a month per person.  

*Labs and Medications are not included in this fee

*No Immunizations are available at this time.

*Insurance is not accepted but you may submit claims to your insurance company to help pay down deductible and co-insurance.